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Turn Stress into Success - Frustration into Passion - Anxiety/Panic into Freedom - Depression into Motivation

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From birth to death it's a timeline, and within that timeline we have options, choices, events and circumstances. Some which we willingly choose and some we don't. Personally and Professionally - There are things that holds us back, prevent us from reaching our targets, goals, and living out a desired life. A solution is D.C.T.
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D.C.T (Dynamic Conscious Transformation)
D.C.T. can be used both personally and professionally and because it's easy to apply, it can be used on the go, at the office, exercising, or otherwise. It can be used to negate a negative, or to amplify and grow the positives. This means it works the same for a local housewife, as it does a world class CEO. DCT harnesses the power to initiate, do the work and deliver the results.


Dynamic relates to the dynamics of being human such as our five sensory perception, character, personality, beliefs. The there's human drivers like fear, motivation, adversity, resistance, and there's non physical aspects such as the sixth sense, intuition, etc etc.
The concept of consciously using one's conscious awareness might sound deep, yet it really is very simple. As a human being, you are conscious and there is a way to use your conscious awareness to transform stuff like fear into desire, or feelings of de-motivation into self-motivation, etc etc. It really is simple when you know how.
Using dynamic techniques of conscious transformation, dramatically impacts targeted physical, emotional, mental, non physical, and any other human dynamic that requires positive impact. In brief, conscious awareness harnesses the power to deliver miracles and transform life before your very eyes. DCT has the power to transform an average existence into an awesome life.
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Magic to most is trickery and illusions, yet to a few it's faith and belief that their universe will provide absolute health, unconditional happiness and unlimited wealth - 1% live in this zone.

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It won't last forever, so grab it while it's FREE. There are 5 x DCT (dynamic conscious transformational) modules. Download & glean what resonates, discard & dump what doesn't.


The material is at times taxing, yet it's not rocket science and you don't need a Phd to engage with it - All you need be is YOU, and develop the willingness to open and hear your own universe.

It’s 100% FREE

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Whats the benefits?

What's the benefits?

What's the benefits?
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Above is a mind of an average individual, this is NOT a stressed person, they are average. However, the recording above highlights otherwise, i.e. this average mind is firing on a high state of electromagnetic activity, and is experiencing full time stress.

Please note: An average mind should not function this way and it is impossible for this mind to reach it's imagined dreams, desires, and goals. Furthermore, because this person knows no different, they automatically assume themselves to be normal, and they are. The above mind is typically normal because in todays modern world, a stressed mind is par for the course.

In brief, all stress boils down to “highly active neuron's", which is stimulated by real life associated experiences.


Locate and dissolve the associated core experience’s and something astonishingly magical happens.

Free the load and hey presto, life and reality develop the ability to project it’s opposite polarity, i.e. natural equilibrium.

While at first glance the mind above may look inactive, it’s actually experiencing a state of natural equilibrium and is primed ready for success.

This is a mind that is free from it’s own inner conflict, it makes clear and concise decisions, it can tap into and harness the power of it’s own universe, reach it’s desired goals, live out it’s imagined dreams, and reach it’s life purpose. Truth exposed; This mind used 5 years worth of DCT.

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For most, the word lazy conjures up negative emotional connotations which invariably attack an individuals self worth. So right now, let’s throw that word out of our library because for us, lazy means something else.

When we tell others or ourselves that we are lazy, we are really saying I don’t understand why myself or that person is de-motivated to do this, or that. Though even if we do understand, rarely do we grasp the bigger picture of what’s going on.

The appearance of lazy or laziness is the sub-unconscious mind harder at work than the conscious mind, and the bi product of this is de-motivation, which in truth is just another form of laziness.

However, when we strip back laziness to reveal de-motivation, and uncover de-motivation, there are only ever one of two driving forces.


Either the person is being motivated away from something by a core fear, or they are being motivated towards something else by a desire. The polarity matters not, and it matters not whether they are conscious, sub, or unconscious of their motivator - it operates regardless.

Yet, when we identify locate and dissolve these driving forces, then thats when the magic really begins - and while it’s hard core geeky science that the everyday individual would rather not waste time knowing about, the results and outward appearance are magic. That is, lazy can be genuinely transmuted and transformed from one state to another, i.e. lazy into zesty, or better stated, de-motivation into self-motivation.

To get you going, there are 5 modules that will achieve exactly what is being outlined here, and they are 100% free.

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Most people dream of living an awesome life, we imagine, dream it, visualise it, think it, even act it. Yet for 85% of the worlds population the reality and truth is, we're just like old Superman above average.

However - Can an average existence really be turned around and and transformed into an awesome life of excellence, privilege, and gratitude? we mean genuinely and truthfully can it be achieved?

YES, in applying DCT, that is (Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation) life has proven against all the odds, it can and has been done!


There is a principle, a rule, a law, (refer to it what you will) yet there is a universal dynamic that states consciously or sub-unconsciously, your life and reality is governed by Explicate & Implicate . Make no mistake, if like Superman (above left) your life is not really going your way - then this dynamic is getting in the way.

In brief, implicate is your unspoken and unexpressed reality whereas explicate is your spoken and expressed. In short, when you speak outwardly your reality has expressed therefore cancels out the dream in question - This is well healed knowledge, that constantly influences and changes the face of the planet.

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Frustration is where things are just not going as planned, things are struggling to be achieved and the desired result is just not coming to fruition - Why?

Everyday existence would have you believe it’s an obstacle to overcome, a challenge to go through, or just something you must endure as a part of everyday human life.

Well, all that could be true, yet there is also a known paradox to all human energy and that includes “frustration”. That is, frustration like all other negative drivers and traits can be turned into it’s opposite polarity called “passion”.


In a fully conscious wakened state of everyday existence, without hypnosis and without psychotherapy, conclusively know that frustration can and has been dissolved, transmuted and transformed into it’s polar form of passion a thousand times over, by thousands of different individuals.

No matter what colour, creed, class, or culture. Using dynamic techniques of conscious transformation, the energy being targeted will flip to it’s polar form, i.e. frustration into passion, de-motivation into self-motivation, stress into success, fear into desire and so forth. It's called DCT and that's not meant as a sales pitch.

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Being a human has it's ups and downs. Sometimes we love life, other times we hate it. Strong words, but that's the truth. Male or female, rich or poor, we are all subject to the same rules of reality. Again, allow it to be said one more time, we are all subject to same rules of reality. That is, whether your in the top 15%, or the everyday 85% of humanity, the same rules, principles, and laws of life apply to us all.

So what's the difference between an individual who lives a life of excellent health, unlimited freedom, privileges, material abundance, longevity, happiness, and genuine fulfilment?

Enlightenment is a difference, not the only difference, though it's a major one - Not spiritual or religious enlightenment, but "conscious awareness enlightenment", or better stated. Conscious awareness that is cultivated to the point whereby surface conscious pierces, sees through and perceives reality from a subjective observers perspective. It then continues it's journey from observer to projector.

Quantum science has long since proven that observation changes reality. Yet here's a known paradox. The very act of observing the observer from the projectors perspective changes the nature of quantum outcomes. Simplified down, that means life and reality change with it. The key is to "consciously tap into, harness and use this conscious awareness to change what it is you desire to change".

Though let's not get too deep only to say that when life and reality is viewed as a journey, yet more specifically when your own life is viewed from what Joseph Campbell terms "A Hero's Journey", then something magical happens. Patterns begin to emerge, and dots begin to connect. That is, old issues that have been holding you back, start to bubble into conscious awareness, allowing positive changes to occur. This is the place where dreams and desires can begin to manifest.

D.C.T (Dynamic Conscious Transformation) assists with and accelerate this process, so if your looking for positive changes that will dig out, dissolve, and balance emotional and mental issues, assist physical health, and bring to fruition, imagined dreams and desires - then this is for you.

It works both personally and professionally, it's easily and effortlessly applied, but it does request that you embrace and continue embracing CHANGE!


D.C.T (Dynamic Conscious Transformation) does not interfere with life, yet if your looking for positive changes that will bring desires forward and dreams to fruition, assist health, dig out, dissolve and balance emotional and mental issues - then this is most likely for you.

It works both personally and professionally, it's easily and effortlessly applied, but it does request that you embrace and continue to embrace CHANGE!

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Q 1: Are BeyondTimelines qualified?

Yes - BTL are qualified in general psychology, transpersonal psychology, life-coaching and human consciousness.


Q 2: Where does BeyondTimelines material comes from?

The modules derive from direct research and experience - each module has 10 years data collation and 5 years field experience.


Q 3: Why is the material here free?

The modules cost approximately £60,000 (sixty thousand pounds), or $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) and take 5 - 10 years to compile and produce. They are very detailed and diligently constructed, though they are free to download, purely for a limited period.

“You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself...the height of a man's success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. ...And this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others.”Leonardo da Vinci
“The fearful seek to serve themselves by mastering the world, while the fearless seek to serve the world by mastering themselves.”Eric Micha'el Leventhal
“Rethink Success: Most people will never achieve past their existing levels, because they don't understand the importance of changing their Mindset”Tony Dovale
“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”Gloria Steinem
“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”Pablo Neruda
"Modern man likes to pretend that his thinking is wide-awake. But this wide-awake thinking has led us into the mazes of a nightmare in which the torture chambers are endlessly repeated in the mirrors of reason."Octavio Paz
“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”Jim Morrison
“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”Lao Tzu
“A tree is one of the best examples of a motif that often appears in dreams (and elsewhere) and that can have an incredible variety of meanings. It might symbolise evolution, physical growth, or psychological maturation; death; it might be a phallic symbol; it might be a great deal more. And such other common dream motifs as the cross or the lingam can also have a vast array of symbolic meanings”Carl Jung (man and his symbols)

3 Unnecessary sufferings

1 - Stress

What percentage of visits to the Doctors are stress related?


2 - Anxitey

What percentage of people do you think experience anxiety?


3 - Panic (attacks)

What percentage of anxiety suffers go on to manifest panic?


I can’t do it! YES You Can One small practical solution

Suppose you think theres no cure when you’ve got anxiety, panic, panics attacks, or all three - I should know because I spent most of my childhood and adult life with anxiety, panic, and dreadful panic attacks. Things went so bad, I was automatically panic attacking 8-10 times a day without a cause (at least that’s how it felt back then). Anxiety was so natural, that my everyday life and what I did revolved around it - secretly!

During the first 40 years of my life, I tried every known cure to man, or at least that’s how it seemed. Some things helped, but more often than not “it didn’t work for me” and nothing gave me a moments freedom. I took every known medication (and I mean endless) amounts of medical and holistic healing, even going as far as an MRI and CAT scan to see if I had a brain disorder (which I didn’t and my brain was OK). Yours will be too :-)

Eventually my anxiety and panic got so bad I went from being a CEO of a highly successful business (yes, regardless of my debilitating disorder, I somehow managed to reach this position). Though by the age of 40, I it all came tumbling down and I free-fell into isolating myself ending up housebound. In sheer and utter desperation, (and i mean in sheer and utter desperation), I searched the internet and found a healer (who wasn’t really a healer, more of a practical guide than anything else) who asked me to come and see him - I’d got nothing to lose, so I went.

Long story cut short, what he did for me, I learnt from him, and what I learnt from him wasn’t the cure, but it was the catalyst to cure myself. I then went on to self-study, and then onto professional academics, and over the next 10 years I developed and refined a system that finally set me free.

Yes I am 100% free from anxiety, panic, and panic attacks. And as I write this, it’s hard to imagine how much it burdened me down - So if like me you are suffering and haven’t yet found a cure, download this e-book on the left and it will set you on the path to freedom. However, I’m not saying it’s this e-book is the answer, or that this is a total cure. What I’m saying is “it will take you to and set you on the path of freedom”.


Now go and get the material